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Nutritive rich plant based Superfood and its awesome Recipes

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asda, Vadodara, Gujarat,

Empowering people to make the most health-conscious choices  "Teelixir Mushroom"

Mushroom has a wide range of nutritional value rich in protein and amino acids, building blocks of our muscles, skin, and gut. It has a unique carbohydrate compound known as chitin and beta-glucans, as well as vitamin D and minerals such as phosphorous and selenium.

Why mushrooms are Superfood:-

Chaga and Reishi mushrooms are an incredible dynamic duo often paired as the King and Queen of medicinal mushrooms for their wide array of health benefits.

1.  Anti-aging properties

2.  Antioxidant benefits

3.  Inflammation reduction benefits

4.  Positive empirical research regarding effect in treating colon cancer

5.  Immune system boost

6.  Mood stabilizer

7.  Effective in combating oxidative stress

8.  Soothes allergies and boosts energy and brain health

9.  Lowers Blood Cholesterol

10.  Supports Heart, Liver, Kidney, and Brain.

Order Today:-

These facts are clinically proven and build a unique product by Teelixir Mushroom from Australia, to serve your body's uniqueness best. To know more please click on the website link. And get a 10% discount in order from the attached website link...... CLICK HERE

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